The International Law Offices of Botinha & Cabral are specialized in assisting foreign citizens and companies, as well as Brazilians living abroad.

Expertise and Efficiency in International Law Practice in Brazil

Our offices and lawyers in Brazil have license to operate all over the country, and have done so successfully for the last 19 years. We help Foreign Companies and Individuals cope with Brazilian Laws and Regulations. We assist on Corporate & Investment matters, establish corporations, plan taxes and assist in the launching of products and specific services in Brazil.

At the personal level, we aid individuals and families with international background, being in a difficult situation as a divorce or child custody or abduction case or preparing life in Brazil, through immigration and visa needs in Brazil, whatever kind: Investment, Family, Employment, Student or other types of Brazilian Permanent Visas.

In civil matters such as Real Estate Purchase or Selling in Brazil or wanting to understand a contract or laws and regulations in Brazil, due dilligence on Businesses or second opinions on special investment operations in Brazil, the best team of attorneys prepared for that support  is found in Botinha & Cabral International Law Assistance.

Lawyer in is a website put together by Botinha & Cabral since 1999 and has been a source of help and information, being referred to clients by Consulates, Commerce Departments  and Immigration Associations and Services around the world.

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