Brazil – Property Foreclosure Opportunities

Brazil – Property Foreclosure Opportunities


It is alway the savviest strategy to buy low and sell high. One’s definitive guide to profit is the good purchase: if you buy something for a low value, chances are you are headed for good gains. This basic knowledge is there for years. The thing is to find the good buy, to be in the right place and time for that is the tricky part of the business. 

Now is that time and Brazil is the place for profitable Real Estate investments. We explain.  The reason is pretty logical so we will keep it plain and simple.

Unfortunately, by December 2016, Brazil had passed through 11 consecutive recessive quarters. This means an economic downturn since 2014 and the second-worst recession experienced by Brazil.

As a great country, resourceful, dynamic and young, these bad times end eventually but that said the “buy low” period is really now.

By 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, house prices dropped 11.36% inflation-adjusted, the eleventh consecutive month of year-on-year price falls.

That means opportunity

Also, and maybe much worthy for drawing attention to this one-time opportunity, shall we add that the Brazil’s real plunged sharply, around 75%, in 2013-18. One dollar bought R$ 2,02 in January, 2013 – today, the dollar value is R$ 4,10.

What you have when you combine a nose-dive in the currency plus a plummet in the absolute, nominal price? A great break!

And imagine if you, being able to profit from the combination of these two ideal circumstances could also count with a third advantage?

Let me introduce this third plus.

Besides a leap in the prices, a recession also causes other dire consequence: foreclosures. And by direct end result, foreclosures engender opportunities. Actual staggering bargains, that is what you can get.

Imagine yourself with an ocean front beach condo in a tropical city priced some just tens of thousands of US dollars or Euros, or a portfolio of safe investment in land that could outpace any other investment on earth in a solid country like Brazil?

This is the opportunity that our offices can channel to you or to your investment company.

Foreclosures are normally a brand of business that is only workable by Brazilians or foreigners with a Resident Visa, because of the eligibility requirements that exist to this type of transaction.

What our investment department has genuinely and creatively crafted is an innovative structure of investment that allows for foreign individuals or companies to participate in auctioning for foreclosed properties in Brazil. A safe, legal and intelligent format of international investment that allows for far above the ground yields, benefitting from optimal conditions.

That means staggering possibilities for high profit. Everything safe, because we are talking real estate, backed up with titles, deeds and formal procedures.

Time is now, the place is here.

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