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How to Participate in Biddings and Win Brazilian Governmental Purchase Contracts


Bidding for Public Sector Contracts in Brazil


Our firm can assist foreign companies wanting to sell to Brazilian governmental institutions. Brazilian government has recently lifted restrictions and difficulties for foreign corporations on e-gov purchases.

Now, every electronic bidding process for purchases of goods and services from the federal government or state, cities and agencies using federal funds or wishing to join the electronic system of the federal government will now be open to foreign providers. This unprecedented change opens up a Market of around 25 billion US dollars for Brazilian governmental supplies.

Foreign companies now wanting to participate in Brazilian Government Purchasing will just need to present their qualifying documents with a normal translation for Portuguese, instead of the previous requirements of expensive sworn translations. Tenders will not need to comply with acquiring a Brazilian tax ID, called CNPJ to participate on the biddings nor to have a structure in the country. Legal representation will be required only after the bidder wins a tender, before securing a contract.

But the major change will be indeed the ample access to the system and the broad implementation of acceptance of foreign companies on tenders, competitive bidding and procurement processes, countrywide in Brazil, a country with 220 million inhabitants and presently the 7th biggest economy of the world. The change is in effect from May, 11th, 2020 on.

Our firm assists foreign enterprises in Brazil preparing the correct documentation, providing translation and registering the foreign supplier on the federal governmental system.

We will also provide means for our clients to receive updated and current bid opportunities in Brazil.

Botinha & Cabral will also further be able to figure as the company representative in Brazil for clients, as they are awarded with governmental contracts.

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