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Immigration to Brazil

How to get a Visa to live in Brazil

How to get a Visa to live in Brazil   There are many types of permanent visas for a person wanting to live in Brazil. The most common types are the family reunion visa, the work visa and the investment visa. There are other types and eligibilities,...

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Housing in Brazil

Property Tax, condominium wages, lease agreements, landlord's obligations and other aspects regarding housing in Brazil. In Brazil "for rent" (“Aluga-se”) signs may be displayed on the property itself, either hanging from an apartment window or attached to...

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Taxpaying in Brazil for foreigners

Living & Working in Brazil FAQ 22 answered questions about living and working in Brazil FAQ 1. Is my CPF number cancelled upon my departure from Brazil? No. the CPF number will continue to identify you before the Brazilian Tax Authorities for any act...

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International Business

How to invest in Brazil

How to invest in Brazil   Any person can invest in Brazil. Basically the requirements are that you have a CPF (“Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas”) or a CNPJ (“Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas”). They are Tax Ids: the CPF is for individuals and the...

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11 Tips on Buying an Off-Plan Property in Brazil

Are you thinking of buying an apartment off-plan in Brazil? Know some precautions before the purchase Numerous reasons can generate the need to acquire an Off-Plan property. If you are planning such endeavor, be sure to check our list with 11 Tips on purchasing an...

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