Jan. 20, 2016) On January 19, 2016, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published on its website a brochure (cartilha) on child custody, international abduction of children, and violence against women. (MINISTÉRIO DAS RELAÇÕES EXTERIORES, DISPUTA DE GUARDA E SUBTRAÇÃO INTERNACIONAL DE MENORES – ORIENTAÇÃO PARA OS PAIS, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS CONSULAR PORTAL (last visited Jan. 19, 2016).) The purpose of the publication is to provide an overview for Brazilian nationals who have questions regarding, for example, who will have child custody in cases of a separation or divorce or what a Brazilian woman should do if she is suffering domestic violence from her foreign partner or husband.  (Lançamento de Cartilha sobre Disputa de Guarda e Subtração de Menores, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS CONSULAR PORTAL (last visited Jan. 19, 2016).)

In cases of child custody, the idea advanced in the brochure is to avoid having parents bring their children back to Brazil without the permission or knowledge of their former partner, an action that may be characterized as the crime of taking away minors (subtração de menores).  For cases of women who are victims of domestic violence, the purpose of the brochure is to offer them the necessary knowledge about the services available in the destination country, including the contact information for Brazilian consular posts, for orientation and other forms of support.  (Karine Melo, Cartilha Orienta Pais Sobre Disputa da Guarda de Filhos com Estrangeiros, AGÊNCIA BRASIL (Jan. 19, 2016).)

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