Our offices are specialized in providing full assistance to digital businesses in Brazil, with extensive expertise in Brazilian IT law, from civil and penal liability to taxation.

These are the legal topics, among others, covered by our dedicated team:

  • Compliance with Brazilian Updated Internet Regulation
  • Corporation Policies
  • B2C Consumer Laws
  • Tax Planning for Digital Businesses
  • Intellectual Property, copyrights and plagiarism
  • Start-Up Investing and Setting-up

Some other specific legal matters have been handled by the digital desk of Botinha & Cabral in Brazil:

  • Civil Liability of Service Providers
  • Social Media Legal Etiquette
  • Sharing, Auction and collective Purchase platforms
  • Home Banking Security
  • Online Gaming
  • Legal aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Brazil
  • Due process (procedural law) involving the internet, among others

Our legal team is focused on the international aspects of law in Brazil. We service foreign companies in Brazil, with the objective of achieving maximum security for their operations in the country.

Our analysis always converges to understanding the modern aspects of the digital economy, taking into consideration the innovation and mindset involved.

We are also always up to date with knowledge of the most recent jurisprudence and application of internet law by Brazilian Courts and we value the challenges involved in the legal study of the novelties of Digital Law.

Therefore, in Brazil, our firm has one of the few specialized teams of Digital Lawyers, with license to act all over the national territory, making it possible for online corporations to launch their ventures in this important and one of the largest digital markets in the world.

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