Family Reunion Visas

Family Reunion Visa


The Family Reunion Visa is the solution to foreigners with family ties in Brazil who wishes to settle and live in the country. This visa can be granted temporarily or permanently to foreigners who are considered legal dependants of Brazilian citizens or foreigners who already have a permanent residency visa in Brazil.

Legal dependants are considered to be, according to the respective normative resolution issued by the National Council of Immigration:

A. Spouse or companion (similar to common-law marriage, in Brazil widely known as “União Estável”);

Common Law Marriage situations are very common to occur, since many foreigners who meet their significant other in Brazil have to find a solution to not overstay their tourist visas (Please see our article on how to extend your time as a tourist in Brazil), but at the same time cannot commit to a marriage contract and its consequences. However, to prove a common law marriage can sometimes be tricky according to the visa requirements, and appropriate council on this matter is highly recommended.

B. Single Children, younger than 18 years of age or older if able to provide proof of being incapable of their own maintenance;

It is worthy to know that foreigners with Brazilian children living in Brazil without a visa cannot be immediately deported in case of inspection by the Federal Police. A case can be made through the judicial system to fix the situation by requesting permanent residency according to the family reunion visa rules, for more information please contact us.

C. Ascendants, once proven the effective need for care;

D. Sibling, grandchild or great grandchild if an orphan, single and younger than 18 (eighteen) years of age, or any age when the need to provide his/her own upkeep is proven;

Random visits by the Federal Police may occur with the purpose of identification of the situation declared. If any irregularity is discovered, the foreigner can dispute the claims both through an administrative procedure level and the judicial system however.

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