How To Extend Your Time in Brazil

How to extend your time in Brazil

When traveling to Brazil under a tourist visa, a question that commonly arises for foreigners who really liked the country or developed some form of attachment to it is the following: Is it possible to stay in the country as tourist for more than the standard 90 days?

The answer for this question may vary depending on which country the foreigner is from. Based on the international principle of reciprocity, the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations has set rules for each country concerning holders of official and diplomatic passports, as well as holders of ordinary passports interested in using business and tourist visas.

From time to time the ministry updates a list named as “Quadro Geral de Regime de Vistos”, which can be translated as “General Visa Rules Table”. This table (link below) contains rules for all countries concerning the tourist visa, and it is constantly updated.

Foreigners with the intention to stay in Brazil for a longer period of time need to be aware of the rules for his/her country and plan ahead with care, since Brazil has penalties for overstaying a visa’s time limit.

If your country is in the list of those for which it is allowed to extend your stay in Brazil for another 90 days, you must go to a Brazilian Federal Police station and request the extension on your visa before the initial 90 days expire, otherwise it is possible to be fined for overstaying and even face deportation.

Usually the foreigner needs to present personal ID documents, a copy of the round flight ticket, fill a form and pay a fee.

It is interesting to point that the mentioned table also sets up rules concerning visa exemptions.

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Link for the updated English version:
General Visa Rules Table

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