How to get a Visa to live in Brazil


There are many types of permanent visas for a person wanting to live in Brazil. The most common types are the family reunion visa, the work visa and the investment visa. There are other types and eligibilities, though.

The Family Reunion Visa is the solution to foreigners with family ties in Brazil who wishes to settle and live in the country. This visa can be granted temporarily or permanently to foreigners who family ties with Brazilian citizens or foreigners who already have a permanent residency visa in Brazil. These are:

  1. The Spouse or companion (similar to common-law marriage, in Brazil widely known as “União Estável”);

Common Law Marriage situations are very common to occur, since many foreigners who meet their significant other in Brazil have to find a solution to not overstay their tourist visas (Please see our article on how to extend your time as a tourist in Brazil), but at the same time cannot commit to a marriage contract and its consequences. However, to prove a common law marriage can sometimes be tricky according to the visa requirements, and appropriate council on this matter is highly recommended.

  1. Single Children, younger than 18 years of age or older if able to provide proof of being incapable of their own maintenance;
  2. Ascendants, once proven the effective need for care;
  3. Sibling, grandchild or great grandchild if orphans or single and younger than 18 (eighteen) years of age, or any age when it is proven that this person needs to be supported by a Brazilian or foreigner living here or the other way around


Work Visa

This kind of visa is granted to foreigners who intend to come to Brazil to work in a national company with an employment relationship.

The visa will be granted for up to 2 (two) years, and may be extended for an equal period and, later on transformed into a permanent visa.

The visa period will always be the same one set forth in the labor contract to be signed between the foreigner and the company in Brazil.

The foreigner who intends to come to Brazil under a temporary visa based on a labor contract shall have to prove qualification and/or professional experience compatible with the activity he/she is to carry out. Some of the documents that need to be presented are diplomas, certificates or letters proving experience and school reports.


A sub type of a work visa is a Visa for rendering technical services

The foreigner’s visa based on a contract of technology transfer and/or technical assistance services is known as Technical Services Visa. It is temporary, without any need  of employment relationship and it is granted to attend to an emergency situation, for the transfer of technology and/or technical assistance based on a contract, cooperative agreement or pact, signed between a foreign legal entity and a Brazilian legal entity.

The visa in question may be granted for the period of 1 (one) year or 90 (ninety) days, depending on the specific need  or 30 (thirty) days in case of emergency.


Investor’s Visa

The Individual Investor Visa will be granted to foreigners that intent to establish themselves in Brazil. The purposes that leads a foreign to require this visa may vary. Investing personal resources, of foreign origin, in productive activities, for example. It allows for permanence and continuous residence in Brazil for the Investor and his immediate family.

The area of investment can be of any kind. The capital can be invested in accruing the high interest Brazilian banks pay or used to buy real estate properties, for instance.

This Visa requires an investment equal to or greater than R$ 500.000,00 (five hundred thousand Reals) and should be done directly from the Investor’s account abroad into a new company or one that will be established in Brazil.


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