How to invest in Brazil


Any person can invest in Brazil. Basically the requirements are that you have a CPF (“Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas”) or a CNPJ (“Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas”). They are Tax Ids: the CPF is for individuals and the CNPJ for corporations. You can get registered at the CPF or CNPJ through the Brazilian Embassies and consulates, or personally in Brazil or using an attorney or other person to represent you before the Brazilian Revenue Services (“Receita Federal do Brasil”).

After getting the CPF or CNPJ, investments have to be registered in the Brazilian Central Bank (“banco central do Brasil”). There is a system called “Sisbacen” through which you can register investments in Brazilian corporations or other types of investment. The registration of the investment will allow you to repatriate the same amount later on, without paying taxes on that amount. You do not need to use Sisbacen to buy real estate directly though.

For each of investment type, you have to have special considerations and cares.



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