Investment Visa

Investor’s Visa

The Individual Investor Visa will be granted to foreigners that intent to establish themselves in Brazil. The purposes that leads a foreign to require this visa may vary. Investing personal resources, of foreign origin, in productive activities, for example. It allows for permanence and continuous residence in Brazil for the Investor and his immediate family.

The area of investment can be of any kind. The capital can be invested in accruing the high interest Brazilian banks pay or used to buy real estate properties, for instance.

This Visa requires an investment equal to or greater than R$ 500.000,00 (five hundred thousand Reals) and should be done directly from the Investor’s account abroad into a new company or one that will be established in Brazil. The amount invested, for purposes of the Visa and future repatriation without taxes must be registered also on the Central Bank (Brazilian Federal Reserve).

Some investments in startups of technology field can yield an Investor Visa for less investment.

Is it necessary to be in Brazil in order to require the investment visa?

There is no need to be present in Brazil in order to start the procedures. We can help all over Brazil with the process of obtaining the CPFs (fiscal IDs), or CNPJ (fiscal IDs for Foreign Companies), the Brazilian Company Formation, the Investment Registration with the Central Bank, a business plan (one of the requirements), and the finalization of the Visa Request Submission and approval.

Our firm has 17 years of expertise in helping foreign companies and individuals in Brazil. The process can be indeed bureaucratic, so a helping hand is always necessary, since many aspects of the process are intricate. Some of the issues are: company formation, a representative with residency in Brazil, bank account opening for companies with foreign shareholders, capital remittance, liberation and registration, business plan, Visa application with the pertinent Brazilian Ministry and the Visa granting process in a Consulate abroad.

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