BOTINHA & CABRAL is a law office specialized in assisting foreign companies and citizens, as well as Brazilians living abroad.

Working in the market since 1999, it has acquired expertise dealing with Private International Law, and it has been recognized nationally and internationally for its efficient and agility in solving problems from citizens that live abroad, being indicated by many Consulates.

Sérgio Pereira Diniz Botinha e Manuella Bambirra Cabral are the lawyer partners of the legal studio. The firm started its activities in 1999 under Sérgio’s exclusive administration. In 2005, Manuella became part of the firm, forming a solid and effective partnership. Also 3 other multilingual attorneys and a team of paralegals make up, together with a number of associate lawyers and representatives in other world cities, the firm.

BOTINHA & CABRAL has as its philosophy of work the direct and close attention to a select number of cases. The Firm also counts with the partnership of lawyers located in many Brazilian cities as well as in other offices in the U.S.A., England, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan, and also its qualified team. Our practice is authorized all over Brazilian territory.
A legal office that assists its customers properly, beyond having international experience, needs to inspire confidence and security in itself and in its methods. Our office is considered an office “boutique” since it is specialized in only one theme, the private international Law in Brazil, applying it not only in corporate necessities but also for individuals. The contact with the customer is close even with costumers who are far away abroad, opening a channel for these people and companies within Brazil with security and tranquility.
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To provide legal services and specialized consulting services in Private International Law, guaranteeing to our customers reliability and excellence in the work done.


To be a benchmark company in Private International in Brazil


To focus on the customer, professionalism, agility, secrecy, dedication, direct and close communication.

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