Getting married or International Weddings in Brazil


The civil marriage in Brazil is performed in two stages: the first is the “habilitation” or “habilitação”. This comprises in gathering all the documentation required for the marriage and presenting this to the Cartório de Registro Civil (a “civil register”).

That needs to be done in person or via proxy.

After the habilitação, then there is the ceremony, which also can be done in presence or via proxy.

The habilitação can normally take from 45 to 90 days. The fact that there is a foreigner in the procedure can present some problems with documentation and interpretation of correct documentation to be presented. Valid visas can be required and interpretation of what documents are analogous to the normally Brazilian required documents can raise turbulence in the process.

Our firm helps in comprising documents, opening up the process via proxy through the “Habilitação” or representing the fiancées on the ceremony, helping the celebration of “international” marriages in Brazil.

Our services related to the matter vary: a deeper consultation on the steps of the process, gathering and instructions on documents, representation via proxy in the process of validation (habilitation) or wedding ceremony. We also advise on the most common and typical matters of family law in Brazil.

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