International Divorces

International Divorces in Brazil

When the possibility of divorce becomes real in a couple’s life, it is experienced one of the most relevant crisis in an adult’s life. In a marriage that is not satisfactory, diverse problems between the partners begin to arise that might aggravate as the time goes by. Thus, it remains no other alternative than the marriage’s dissolution. In order to deal with such a hard moment, it is necessary to trust in a qualified professional. Such professional must be able to propose the right proceeding quickly, and thus avoiding traumas.

This situation aggravates for Brazilians and foreigners who live abroad when they cannot or do not want to come to Brazil in order to face all proceedings for divorce in Brazil. There is also the difficulty to find qualified professionals with reliability from afar.

For couples that are in accordance with the divorce and do not have children, divorce in Brazil is performed administratively in notary offices. We finalize this kind of divorce within five days, approximately.

The lawyer:

The lawyer must guide the client since the beginning of the necessary obtainment of documents. The lawyer also must guide on the property division, child support, custody and visiting rights and other relevant issues.

In contentious lawsuits, where all these issues acquire more complexity, well-done planning is fundamental. By “planning”, we mean an adequate party preparation for the most delicate issues. It is also important to gather evidences that might corroborate rights and obligations. In the international divorce, the sensible subject of the child’s residence, when one of the partners wants to come back to Brazil or overseas, is often complicated, as well as an international visitation regime.

In addition, in financial issues, like division of assets and child maintenance, the place of the procedure filing can influence significantly. All this according to the applied Civil International Law.

For all these reasons, an experienced International Family Lawyer can be of substantial importance.

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